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Bushings may be available on request, ask if you'll need bushings with the set. These are in excellent functional and cosmetic shape. You could even use a second shim piece if rigid enough and lightly hammer the piece in real tight if you want.

Functionally and cosmetically excellent, matchmaking minneapolis the plating is clean and bright. These photos are from a that just sold on Ebay. If the buyer needs them for a clean guitar these would clean up well for a brighter look. It has been suggested that on at least a few occasions employees would have to go to a music store to buy a set of tuners or some other hardware to finish a guitar. An important thing to look for are the matching serial number stickers in the neck pocket and on the pickguard.

If a solid paint color was applied to the body it was applied right over the shielding paint which may make it hard to see. Picture Gallery, Gibson section. Mounting screws and bushings are modern replacements. Note that the pole pieces are flush to the covers on pickups of these guitars and that metal springs instead of rubber tubing is used for the height screws.


So I'd be happy for any input as this could mean a rather important info concerning the research of wartime productions. Gold non-logo'd Gotoh Tuners. Mark Demaray posted recently exactly the same tuners as a single unit as shown with a plate outline and metal buttons mounted on Washburn guitars.

D Ferrels Tulip Line Kluson Set Tuners

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The set is in excellent condition cosmetically and functionally, and includes the six bushings that fit into the center rail of the head stock to accept the turned end of the tuner shaft. The plating looks well aged not bright and shiny but is intact with no flaking, pitting or rust. The set is in excellent condition with all original parts, the plating is intact and clean.

These were used until sometime in when they switched to black plastic with the number stamped into the base. The buttons are perfect replacements of the originals from Antique Acoustics. This set has barrels for solid head mount, 40 year old woman but I've also got period slot head barrels to convert this set if required. This set was found on some presentation grade Washburn guitars and I believe also on some high end Larsons. Maybe you can email me in big size and low resolution.

Functionally good, the tuners turn freely and hold well. It features the Klusons in question. The gear housing was octagonal in shape, as was the tuner shaft itself.

Steven Kovacik-Luthier
  • This info is not covered here because the numbers vary depending on the exact style of Kluson tuner.
  • All came with their original tuners so far as I can tell, though I did replace the tuners on the tenor since the originals were pretty much unusable.
  • The set includes a period set of hex bushings that might be original to the set, not sure.
  • Functionally and cosmetically good.

Kluson Manufacturing Company Inc

Kluson tuners were used by a number of vintage guitar manufacturers from the s to the late s. My intent with this site is to educate those who are on the hunt for that last affordable vintage Fender Stratocaster. Private vintage guitar collector. The set has the Kluson trade mark and patent stamp on the show-face of each plate surrounding the inner most mounting screw holes. War time Kluson tuners - Martin serial numbers wanted.

Kluson tuners dating
Tuners to fit 1965 Melody Maker

Any earlier guitar out there? The buttons are replaced with correct reproductions. Set Grover G tuners as were found on most pre-war Ds.

  1. The nickel plating is in superb condition, the set gleams.
  2. Bushings and screws included.
  3. The set is in good functional and cosmetic condition with some very minor plating wear.
  4. Black non-logo'd Gotoh Tuners.

Mark, could you post again at this place? This set is in excellent condition functionally and cosmetically. Very clean, overall cosmetically quite good and functionally good as well. The overall condition of this entire set is excellent, no rust or pitting of the plating, no cracks or degradation of the buttons, no bent shafts or other problems.

Prewar Gibson tuners - Klusons

Tuning Machines

The bone buttons show cracks and a couple appear to have been glued but they are solid to the shafts and will work fine. That would speed up the search. This set has some plate corrosion and the gears have a bit of play but they turn freely and hold. Overall cosmetic and functional condition is good.

The banner logo is still there, as well as a faint shadow on the top that looks like it could have been a skunk stripe. Non-original mounting screws included. This set has the Kluson manufacturer's mark and patent mark circling the inner two mounting screw holes on the outside face of the plate. This set came off of a Regal tiple but would be suitable as a restoration set for any brand of tiple from this era. Not sure of the function, it must have something to do with the machining process a guide of some sort, dating okcupid perhaps.

The set has some light corrosion to the plating here and there but nothing serious, the buttons have been replaced. If you need these for solid head mount let me know and I'll check on the availability of solid head mount barrels. All the buttons are solid. All tuners function smoothly.

How does this jive with your information? Choose Display Mode Original Dark. The set is chrome plated with all original parts including the mounting screws. For now I wanted to start with the first Kluson model as shown above. The mounting screws are replacements not pictured but included.

Set Pre-war Grover G tuners in nickel. This just shows minor changes in plastic formulations made a big difference in the longevity of these plastics. This set is in excellent cosmetic condition with no plating loss, very bright, the buttons are replaced. Set Spectacular set of teenss Waverly strip tuners in nickel with floral engraving and ivoroid buttons.

War time Kluson tuners - Martin serial numbers wanted

Functionally as good as these get, the tuners turn freely and hold. The set is all original with bushings and mounting screws, all tuners turn freely and hold. All parts are original and in good working order, no bent shafts or other issues. Super rare set for some of the most collectible guitars ever made.

The tuners usually seen on these were Grovers. Any input and serial number will be highly appreciated! This is the plainest version of this tuner. Set s Waverly nickel plate strip tuners with saw-tooth plate end and fleur-de-lis plate engraving.

These tuners were found on some National guitars as well as some Martin and Maybell guitars. Original mounting screws included, no bushings, as if you need them as I may have set I can supply with the tuners. Unlike Kluson tuners however, Kluson is not written on the tuner and they have threaded bushings like a nut, not a press in bushing. Also the laws might have been changed meanwhile. Often the teeth are worn out and show a burr that is visible from above as well.

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Vintage kluson guitar tuners

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The plating is in good shape and the tuners function well. Set s Waverly individual tuners with plastic buttons. Alot of the information on this site would not exist without them. One of the crown gears has been replaced as have a couple of the cap screws, but everything is functional.

Tuners to fit Melody Maker

The sets do not contain bushings unless specified. Grover G slot head individual tuners. They are functionally good.

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