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Aquascutum Recreates Humphrey Bogart s Trench Coat

It embodied the panache and style of the ideal officer, while at the same being actually useful, rendering it a perfectly aspirational garment for the middle class. As it won't take you over like the classic overcoat. The pea coat is a good style if you are on the short side.

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Many veterans returning to civilian life kept the coats that became fashionable for both men and women. Stardom During the s, Bogarde was a matinee idol under extended contract to the Rank Organisation. The pockets are large and deep, useful for maps and other necessities. The brand started making clothes for ladies in and opened its first factory in in Corby, Nottinghamshire. Think of the gorgeous Patrick Dempsey a.

The trench coat became an optional item of dress in the British Army, and was obtained by private purchase by officers and Warrant Officers Class I who were under no obligation to own them. The belt, reminiscent of the Sam Browne belt, would have come with D-rings to hook on accessories, such as binoculars, map cases, a sword, energy medicine hook up or a pistol. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Having officers outfit themselves also helped reinforce the social hierarchy of the military.


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But now, necessity demanded that the army relax traditions further and take officers from the soldiering ranks and the middle class. The ultimate is a cashmere or cashmere mix overcoat - stunning and stunningly expensive! The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. The straps at the cuffs of the raglan sleeves tighten, offering greater protection from the weather.

Invention of the trench coat is claimed by both Burberry and Aquascutum, with Aquascutum's claim dating back to the s. The invention of the trench coat is claimed by both Burberry and Aquascutum, with Aquascutum's claim dating back to the s. Aquascutum was forced to close the doors on its Corby factory in Nottinghamshire and make people redundant after collapsing into administration that year. The name Aquascutum comes from Latin, with aqua meaning water and scutum meaning shield.

Furthermore the black often dulls with use and looks old before its time. They come in basic beige every year from Burberry, Aquascutum and other raincoat specialists, but can also be found in red, black or white, in velvet, corduroy, and patent leather. No other ranks were permitted to wear them. Even as late as almost any raincoat was referred to as a mackintosh. While their dress was dictated by War Office mandates, laws dating officers were tasked with the actual outfitting themselves.

It is perfect for the light drizzle we are so familiar with in this country, but it also works well in the spring, when the chances of showers are still prevalent and the temperature is a bit higher. Which is best balanced out by minimal volume on the bottom with leggings, tights or skinny jeans. But it was during the First World War that this now iconic garment took the shape that we recognize today, a form that remains startlingly current despite being more than years old. These garments were shorter and more practical than the trench coat, and as such they allowed the wearer to be more mobile.

During the s, there was a trend toward a wider skirted, looser hanging style of coat. Many trench coats had large pockets for maps, and cleverly placed flaps and vents to deal with the odour associated with earlier rubber coats. At the shoulders, straps bore epaulettes that indicated the rank of the wearer. By Alex Matthews For Mailonline.

Military tactics needed to adapt to this new reality and so too did uniforms. And if you're in need of further coat-related inspiration? Overcoats as I am sure you know are available in many different colours and prints. Aquascutum pictured, on the right opened its first store in Regent Street, and was based there for years. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Trenchcoats.

Fab 5 The modern trench

Its trench coats are available with detachable liners too. Best trench coats for men. Trench coats often have cuff straps on the raglan sleeves, shoulder straps and a belt. Very interesting Joey - and I'm glad to see that the huge-collared pea coat is back! Is this the most inventive solution to a red wine spill ever?

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The double-breasted, waist belt, large lapels, shoulder flaps and check collar make this a timeless and beautiful trench coat. Especially if you find one in a lovely wool with a great cut. At Fab after Fifty we are passionate about women over fifty making the best of their lives. Because its status as a classic is indisputable, the Trench coat is constantly updated and reworked in a variety of colors, dating fabrics and shapes. The classic overcoat is usually made in wool or a wool mix.

  • And very much a part of this image was, by the middle of the war at least, the trench coat.
  • There are still plenty of the characterful details, from the belt to the storm flap.
  • Ubiquity is one measure of success and by that measure alone, the trench coat was a winner.
  • Margaret Howell proves that skimming away the details brings about a fine and sleek aesthetic.
  • The double-breasted cut provides an extra layer of warmth for your torso and the belt, throat latch and cuff tighteners allow for all hatches to be battened down should the weather turn.
Aquascutum falls into administration

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Strictly for the Chicks, sometimes all you need is a fantastic faux fur jacket. The trench coat was typically worn as a windbreaker or as a rain jacket, and not for protection from the cold in winter or snowy conditions. This will keep you assuredly dry throughout the rainy season all year and the green, purple and black check look cool as, on a trench coat. Lemaire gives us a much more refined trench coat.

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  1. The original mackintosh raincoats dating from the early s were of a fairly crude construction and awkward appearance.
  2. The Sherlock Holmes-esque raincoat with cape made a reappearance, as did houndstooth raglan coats.
  3. The raglan cut makes it easier to get over layers, too.
Why You Need A Trench Coat Today

World War I

You just think navy blue, black and beige trench coats look good? It may have a waistbelt incorporated too. That is precisely why we love this Margiela coat. Soldiers in the trenches needed something that was shorter, lighter, more flexible, warm but ventilated, and still weatherproof. Today For both men and women this look is cool look.

The Classy Rise of the Trench Coat. Use wi-fi in a coffee shop? Redirected from Trenchcoat. There came this incredible competition to supply the best possible kit.

The trench coat, as it soon came to be known as, fit the bill perfectly. The trench coat was developed as an alternative to the heavy serge greatcoats worn by British and French soldiers in the First World War. This is the coat you take to the snow! Mackintosh eventually developed a process to seal the seams, and his name became synonymous with rainwear. This is The Classic Trench Coat capitalisation necessary and will be one of the best investments you ever make.

Aquascutum falls into administration

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The Complete Guide To The Trench Coat

Share thoughts, photos, videos. To bridge that gap, the newly made officers hoped that clothes would indeed make the man. It will tend to make you look bigger. Jeeves View my complete profile.

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